Papa ku'i (Stone Pounding Board)

Papa ku'i is primarily made from wood, although in some cases you will find papa ku'i made from stone. The papa kuʻi ʻai (board) is used together with a pōhaku ku'i 'ai (stone pounder) in traditional food preparation.

Stone Poi Board. Length: 18 inches, Width: 11 1/2 inches, Thickness (at widest point): 5 inches, Color: Grey with a slight brown tint from the soil in the rock crevice. Texture: Smooth and porous, Finish: Stone is flat and oval shaped. The upper and under sides are concave. Stone is thicker on one side and tapers to the other. The uppoer concave is very smooth while the under side is very flakey. Weight: over 10 lbs. Taro roots placed on the upper concave surface of the stone and were ground into poi using a poi pounder.