Pōkahu maʻa (sling stone)

Pōkahu maʻa also referred to as ‘alā (a general noun defined as: dense waterworn volcanic stone, as used for poi pounders, adzes, hula stones; hard lava, basalt. (Pukui, 1991) is a small stone used by warriors during battle

Sling Stone. Dimensions: 2 1/2 x 1 7/8 inch, Circumference:6 1/4 inches, Color: Blue-grey, Weight: 6.6 oz. Sling stones were a valued weapon to the ancient Hawaiians.

Cultural Narrative: 

The main purpose of this stone was used in battle to gain an advantage on the battlefield as a projectile weapon.  The pōhaku maʻa is small enough to be carried around and in bulk if needed without being weighed down.  It is used together with an ʻekeʻeke maʻa (pocket in sling holding the stone).

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