Pōhaku kuʻi (stone pestle)

Pōhaku kuʻi or stone pestle is a stone tool used with a poho (mortar) to ground natural elements used primarily for la’au lapa’au (medicine) or ceremony.

Pestle. Height: 10 inches, Weight: 3 lb. 12.6 oz., Circumference: 9 3/4 inches, Diameter: 3 1/2 inches, Circumference (neck): 5 inches, Diameter (neck): 1 3/4 inches. This pestle is short and light. It has some calcium deposits. There is a brown spot on one side, and there is a hole at the bottom. There is no knob on top, above the neck.

The Pōhaku kuʻi had no knob at the handles end (Brigham, 1902)

Cultural Narrative: 

Used together with the poho pōhaku (stone mortar) the Pōhaku kuʻi was used to process vegetative materials such as ʻawa (Piper methysticum), kukui (Aleurites moluccana), ferns and other laʻau lapaʻau (medicine) or food items.

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