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This collection contains digitized transcripts of more than 400 interviews conducted between 1971 and 2004 as part of the BYU-Hawaii Oral History program, under the direction of Kenneth Baldridge and then William Kauaiwiulaokalani Wallace III.

A majority of the interviews focus on the history of Laie and the surrounding Ko'olauloa region, but many include information on the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Oceania and the Pacific Islands region.

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Kenneth Baldridge; William Kauaiwiulaokalani Wallace III


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Rongotoa; MAC; school uniforms; mission school system; pakeha; Te Aute; George Nepia; football; church calling; marriage; Elder Fairbourne; principal; Tainui canoe; Tawhaiao prophecy; Potangaroa prophecy; Mathew Cowley; D'Urville Island; falling…

Maori Agricultural College; MAC; music; primary school program; secondary school program;

Maori Agricultural College; MAC; conversion; vocational training; rugby; dormitories; school productions; transportation;

Maori Agricultural College; MAC; vocational education; rugby; George Nepia; spiritual influence; Influence of MAC on the Church in NZ; discipline at school; teachers;

Maori Agricultural College; MAC; daily chores; roommates; sports; farm work; spiritual, academic, and vocational influence of the MAC; experience as the only girl at the MAC; highlight of studying at the MAC;

School song; John Johnson; principal; Elder Hintz; flu epidemic; tuition; fees; courses; wool classing; vocation; sports; activities; spiritual growth; commencement; Glee club; yell leaders; goodbye song

Maori Agricultural College; MAC; farm work; classes; Elder Sharp; non-Maori students; roommates; football; spiritual impact; testimony and knowledge of the gospel; academic benefits; MAC influence on Church in NZ;

Brother Ballif's position as a principal; School taught by missionaries; farm training; English was only language taught or used; Helping students adjust to school life; Labor work; Christmas experience with Samoan boys; Greatest contribution of the…

Attended MAC in 1929; Planned to return in 1931; Classes; Vocational help; President Ballif; Brother Hodge; Non-Maori students; Dormitory facilities; sports; Rugby; Hawkes Bay representatives; older students from Pacific Islands; Spiritual influence…

Attendance in 1931; President Hoagland; dedication of MAC; recruiting activity; President and Sister Johnson; Early classes; training in wool-classing; benefits of vocational and spiritual training; District President; six-month mission; headmaster…
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